How My Happy Map Works

What is MyHappyMap about?

It's a place where you can map out everything that makes you happy.

We believe, many times a day, we experience more good things than bad things.

MyHappyMap is all about appreciating the things that make you happy by adding them to your HappyMap (and sharing them with others).

What can I add to MyHappyMap?


It could be a person you love, an event you'll never forget, your favourite movie, food your taste buds long, for a quote that lifts you, someone who inspires you, a TV show that makes you laugh, a book you couldn't put down, a restaurant you always go to, a team you'll always support, music you love listening to, a product you can't live without, a game you can't stop playing, art that makes your world stop, a radio show you never miss, a website you always visit, a blog you follow, an App you always use, a magazine you can't wait to read, a musical you never tire of seeing, a brand you can't get enough of, science and nature that blows you away, a hobby that makes you happy, awesome architecture, a place you're in love with, a cause you respect, an animal you adore, a video you have to share, a photo that takes your breath away, a drink you look forward to, service you appreciate, little pleasures which give you that inner smile.

Basically if it has ever given you a positive feeling you can add it.

How do I add something to My Happy Map?

There are two ways to add something:

If you see something that makes you happy already on MyHappyMap click, "Add", which will appear when you put your cursor over its picture and it will be added to your Happy Map. You can search for anything by clicking on the, "Search" button at the top of any page.

If you want to add something that hasn't been previously added by someone else, to MyHappyMap, click, "Add to My Happy Map", from the drop menu at the top of the any page. Select the category the happiness falls into, then fill out the details and add a picture that represents that happiness.

How do I share something?

If you are adding something to MyHappyMap that hasn't been added before you can fill out the text box that says, "Share" by entering someone's name, who is already registered on MyHappyMap, or the email address of someone.

If you want to share something that has already been added to MyHappyMap you will see a, "Share" button appear when you hover your cursor over its picture.

Can I add the same thing more than once?


If something has made you happy more than once, like your favourite TV show, you can add it as many times as you like. There is only one condition, you can only add it once per day.

What are Happy Hotlists?

Happy Hotlists display what are currently making people happy, in other words, a compilation of what people are adding to their Happy Maps. You can look at the Happy Hotlists in several different ways. What was added Today, This Week, This Month, All time or by category.

What is that number on the bottom right of all the things that have been added?

That is the amount of smiles that entry has created. Whenever somebody clicks, "Add" on an entry its smile count goes up by one.

Can I change the profile picture on the Happy Hotlists?

No but you can add pictures to its gallery. Click on the current profile picture and click on the link, "Upload your own picture of xxxxx". You can then browse you computer for the picture and upload it. If your picture receives more likes than any other in the gallery it appear first in the gallery.

If I want to add something but the picture that exists isn't appropriate, can I change the picture?


If you see something on the Happy Hotlists that makes you happy, click, "Add" and it will be added to your HappyMap, where you can change the picture by clicking on the image then selecting, "Edit".

What are the, "Happy Gatherings"?

HIC stands for Happiness In Common. It's an area where you can see other people who are made happy by the same things you are. The top left of your screen shows the people who have the most in common with you, whereas the bottom right are the people who have the least amount of things in common with you.

If I add something that doesn't already exist onto MyHappyMap and someone clicks,"Add" when they see it on the Happy Hotlists do I get the smiles?

No. You will get one smile for adding it in the first place but will only get more smiles if someone clicks, "Add" on your HappyMap rather than the Happy Hotlists.

Can I add a profile for my business?

No, only people are allowed to have profiles on MyHappyMap.


Because MyHappyMap is meant to be a true reflection of what makes people happy. A business is an entity without a soul and therefore cannot experience or express happiness.

How can I stop receiving emails to my email address?

Click on, My Account in the top right corner of the screen, then click on, "Account Settings" and you will see your email notifications options there.

Will MyHappyMap make me happy?

Happiness comes from within. It's a state of mind so the only thing that can make you happy is you.

Having said that we believe a major part of being happy is learning to embrace the positive by appreciating what makes you happy and that's why MyHappyMap exists.